Flower Jungle: A Bathroom Transformation


Once upon a time, I had a client searching for someone to transform her master bathroom into her very own paradise…a happy place.

Just think…bright colors, over-the-top flowers, whimsical vines, lots of swirls, and an inspirational quote.

I was SO the girl for this job and didn’t hesitate saying YES for a single second. Once she told me about her vision, I instantly knew this job was going to be so fun and so me. After all, I am the girl who covered her bedroom and bathroom walls with quotes and crazy florals every weekend in high school. By the way, that makes my parents the coolest parents EVER. Thanks, mom and dad.

Anyways, back to the bathroom… this particular client was leaving the country in mid-December and wouldn’t be back until 2015. She gave me complete reign to freely create and encouraged whatever ideas existing in my imagination to cover her bathroom walls from floor to ceiling.

It. Was. Awesome.

There was no holding back. There was no fear in creating. There were lots of thoughts like, “I hope she loves this! My greatest desire right now is for her to love this! She is going to freak out when she comes home and walks into this!”, but never any fear or thoughts seeking approval. She was just one of those people that I clicked with from the beginning. Deep within me, I knew that she was going to adore this space and cherish getting ready each day surrounded by bright butterflies and funky flowers.

This was a 3 (full) day project. I began by sketching out the design in pencil. Since the wall color was a warm grey, I knew the paint colors wouldn’t be as vibrant if I painted directly on the wall as is. I also assumed that the colors would look distorted if I painted on top of the grey. So, after I sketched the full design on the walls, I painted each piece, petal, swirl, butterfly wing, and leaf an antique white. Phew! That took a little while. Once the entire design had a white wash, I threw on the color! Okay, maybe I didn’t throw it on because there were quite a few details in this design. Ha! But, I began to apply the color and did one wall at a time. Let’s just say my blowdryer became my bestie for three days because there was a lot of paint that needed to dry and patience is totally not a strength of mine. I painted atleast two coats of color on top of the whitewash for each part of the design, but most parts had three coats. The final step of this project was to outline, doodle, and bold specific parts of the design in black. This step is crucial and completely transformed the art visually, making it pop off the walls! I used acrylic paint and couldn’t have been more pleased with the result!

This has to be one of the best highlights from 2014. The Christmas season was so insanely busy with deadlines for Christmas orders and this bathroom was my final project for the year. I happened to finish this bathroom around midnight on Christmas Eve and just before leaving the house, I was putting some finishing touches on the wall with the handlettered quote. The quote she chose for her wall says, “Think big and discover how to make your dreams come true.” How fitting. 2014 was a huge year for me – I decided to take the most massive LEAP of faith that my little mind could ever imagine. In that late night, delirious from exhaustion moment, God somehow reminded me why I am doing this, to think BIG, and to keep chasing this dream day by day!